Review of the Nescafé Moka

Different people drink coffee: students, doctors, teachers, students, old people, friends, workers and yes, students. There are so many reasons why, like to stay awake, get warm, caffeine (the socially acceptable drug), to follow the new hipster trend, to hang out with friends, to stay alive (these ones probably have an addiction or something), to relax, etc. Now there is a kind of coffee for every persons’ necessities, between all of this there is this succulent cafeteria mix between hot chocolate and cappuccino (milk and espresso).  Nescafé (a nestle company brand) has around 5, 000 products, between all of them they decided to make an instant mix; their idea was to make people’s life easier.


The presentation is pretty, is gold and purple with cream (the colour). This is because this coffee belongs to a Nescafé “premium line”. The box where the packages are, have amazing instructions with images so you can’t get this wrong:

  1. Empty the contents of the envelope in a cup (if you don´t have a cup it´s okay we know life is hard)
  2. Then, pour 200 ml of water about to boil and stir (it is important that it is hot so that you burn your tongue and do not fall asleep).
  3. After 20 seconds, stir again and enjoy!
  4. This is not a step, but if you want if you want a more “creamy” texture, give a blow (not so strong or you will break the cup) on the table.

Here’s an image I took before opening the product:

Photo Taken by Myself

I make the coffee for and give it to three people, my mom (busy woman who don’t care too much about what is she eating), my uncle (sower person who prefers classic things) and my brother (poor boy who spends 999% of his time at university). My uncle´s opinion was the funniest: It’s very watery and the milk doesn’t feel natural; so you spent my money on this? Seriously? I prefer the coffee made by myself, how will they know how much of each thing I want? My brother was running when I asked him to prove it, he was like: I do not have time for this, wait, this is not so bad but it lacks sugar. No, but, this comes in little packages?!, great, now I can take it with me. This is really practical, I’m going to take them all, thank you, goodbye.

tumblr_paq0bvNZ3q1s30ko5o1_1280 - copia

And my mom said: I do not like it, this needs more sugar, even so the idea of packages, I think it’s good for busy people.

A little time later when I was having dinner, my brother came and tell me it wasn’t that good because he didn’t have to go to the cafeteria no more. I was confused, I thought that was a good thing. He told me that going out for a coffee to take a break was relaxing and when he had this product, there was not an excuse anymore. Next day in the morning he was still with a cup of coffee and the product. I told him that he was being hypocrite and he said that even with all the reasons he gave me it was still practical.


Let me tell you this product is not cheap, it cost around 10 EUR. I also bought another product of a different brand called Colcafé (peruvian), is not very different; so if you want to prove and see if you need this coffee or not, but you don’t want to spend that much, you can prove the other brand that is 6

EUR. I don’t really see the huge different, if you are a coffee expert (then, I

don´t know why would you buy this) you may taste the difference.

In conclusion, personally I think this coffee is not that bad. If you want something fast but not the typical Americano you just need to open this and add water. Even though I think going to a nice cafeteria is so much better because of the environment and the smell, etc. You should try and prove, you only live once and if you have money and don’t know how to spend it you should try this.


Turtles as Superhero’s, was the movie good? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had their own live action movie, it was released in 1990, like a long time ago. This was a risk to take at that time. Think, the comics weren´t that famous, but the cartoons were. There were limits with the animations; technology wasn’t that good. They took the risk with the fans, what if they wouldn’t have liked it?

So the story goes kind of like this: when the city is alarming because crime has risen suddenly, four turtles raised by their rat master will do what it takes to save it. They also have to deal with love, choosing a leader and many more problems.
Living in the techno era; this movie, in fact, perfectly with “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, well a little bit changed: don’t judge a book by its age. Don’t let the title or its age deject you.
Costumes are not that bad. It is something necessary to say with this movie. Considering that they didn’t have, now´s “good” computer animation, their handmade costumes weren´t so bad, a little bit creepy if you see them in detail but they could have been better. Even though, they give the movie a special touch, or well, the actors did. 


The characters were well made, they felt real even if the only way to difference them was their colour masks. Interpreted by like more than ten people (and that’s only for the main characters), they needed the facial assistant, the in-suit performer and in the last case the puppeteer and finally but importantly, the voices: Josh Pais (Raphael), Brian Tochi (Leonardo), Corey Feldman (Donatello), Robbie Rist (Michelangelo) and Kevin Clash (Splinter). Let´s just say the costumes could have been better you cannot tell who is the turtle if they don’t have their colour mask.

But to talk about how the actors did their characters, it’s necessary to know about the team and the background. The genre of the movie is drama and fantasy. Family and loyalty, that’s it, that’s the theme. There are four turtles (duh) brothers and their master that is not casually a rat; Splinter (a rat) is like the parental figure even if they don’t have the same blood, he is the one of the advises and a long talk about what to do and what is good and what is bad. It’s a movie that makes you sentimental about it, represents what a family is and how they act.

The problem and the plot. Suddenly teenager’s boys start stealing stuff from the people, this is caused by a villain that wanted power and people to follow him. It lefts a lot to desire, he wasn’t interesting, he was the cliché antagonist, except that this time he looked like a blender with adds. But he was strong enough to make a problem for the movie to happen.
tmnt1990_0The whole story happens in the city of New York, the turtles lived in the sewers so the set was semi dark, it caused a sensation of dirt and a feeling of depression; but, the light was ninja style and make the boys mysterious, so it had its purpose. About the action sequences, well, don’t have high expectation about it; it wasn’t horrible, but neither was good, because so much surrealism with this exaggerated movements, even though it had its moments of glory when the moves were mixed with the soundtrack.

To end, I think this is a pass time movie. You can see it with little kids, most of them should like it; even if it needs improvements. The costumes and characters weren´t horrible and the enemies don´t scare so much. But put the whole thing together and add a little of jokes was a good decision. To talk about this movie, we need to remember the characters and the story were created for comics and that is different from a movie so don’t  be so hard on them.


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